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Paintless Dent Removal

Hail Dent Removal

Step 1: Call Ideal Auto Hail Repair and schedule a FREE hail repair evaluation for your car.

Call Ideal Auto Hail Repair at 806-344-3430, or message us online for your free auto hail damage evaluation. Our paintless dent removal specialists can also come to your home, office, or other location at NO COST or obligation. Ideal Auto Hail Repair's goal is to inspect your hail-damaged vehicle, and answer any questions regarding our paintless dent removal process.


Step 2: With assistance from Ideal Auto Hail Repair, make a claim with your auto insurance company for paintless dent removal.

Many customers believe their insurance premiums will increase due to an auto hail repair. This is NOT true; instead, hail dent removals and hail damage repairs are covered under your comprehensive auto policy. Ideal Auto Hail Repair helps contact your insurance provider for the paintless dent removal process to eliminate any uncertainty and hassles.


Step 3: Ideal Auto Hail Repair arranges a FREE vehicle rental while we repair your car’s hail damage.

If your insurance policy does not include car rental coverage, Ideal Auto Hail Repair arranges a free car rental while we repair your hail damaged vehicle. Typically, we meet customers at a nearby and prearranged Enterprise rental car location, so we can exchange and/or pick up your free rental car.


Step 4: Ideal Auto Hail Repair schedules a pick up time for your vehicle’s completed paintless dent removal in.

Ideal Auto Hail Repair will schedule a convenient time and location to pick up your hail damaged vehicle.

Hail Repair

Step 5: After Ideal Auto Hail Repair brings your hail damaged car to our garage for inspection.

Our technicians – who specialize in paintless dent removal and have decades of experience – perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle to identify all dents and dings caused by hail (including the obscure dents that cannot be seen under bright sunlight.) Then, we build a detailed hail repair evaluation based on industry standards and specialized auto hail damage software. Learn more about our paintless dent repair process.


Step 6: Ideal Auto Hail Repair contacts your auto claim’s adjuster and schedules an inspection of vehicle at our auto body shop.

Ideal Auto Hail Repair contacts your insurance company’s assigned claims adjuster directly to schedule an inspection of your vehicle. This inspection is performed at our shop. During the examination, your insurance adjuster reviews your vehicle based on the hail damage our expert technicians previously identified. Our  Ideal Auto Hail Repair team monitors the process to make sure the adjuster does not miss any hail damage, dents, or dings. Unlike other traditional auto body shops that have relationships with your insurance company, Ideal Auto Hail Repair helps negotiate the best possible claim on your behalf.


Step 7: Ideal Auto Hail Repair repairs your hail damaged vehicle using paintless dent removal.

Ideal Auto Hail Repair's expert technicians utilize custom auto hail dent removal tools, specialized techniques, and decades of experience to gently remove minor dents and dings caused by hail from the panels of your vehicle. Our hail dent removal technicians access the underside of the hail damaged panels to remove the dents through a variety of points.


Step 8: Ideal Auto Hail Repair washes and returns your car with ALL hail damaged removed, and a Comprehensive Auto Hail Damage Repair Warranty.

When Ideal Auto Hail Repair's technicians are finished repairing your vehicle with our efficient paintless dent removal technique, we wash your vehicle and schedule a convenient time to return your car. Learn more about our Comprehensive Auto Hail Damage Repair Warranty.

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